Marina Del Rey Condominium $15 Lawsuits, Toronto

The Toronto Waterfront area can be a beautiful place to live. I thought all my dreams had come true when I moved in to my condominium 23 years ago. It has the most spectacular view of this city! However, I soon discovered that purchasing this property would become my biggest nightmare! I have now been homeless for 13 years!

This is a cautionary tale about what happens to a condo owner at Marina Del Rey Phase I, 2261 Lake Shore Blvd. W, who is forced to commence legal action in an effort to rebuild her home after years of continuous water flooding problems, mismanagement, neglect of duties, and bad faith displayed by insurance companies.

I have started this blog with the hope that I can provide help and encouragement to others who find themselves in a similar situation. Insurance companies and corporations have lots of money and lawyers to fight us. However, we have the power of the internet and the social media to connect, support each other, and exchange helpful information.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Marina Del Rey Phase I Condo for Rent $1,500 per month or Sale $375,000

This is no joke, Anyone interested in Buying my condo for $375,000 or Renting my condo for $1,500 per month? I need the money so that I can move for health reasons. 

Warning: My condo made me congested & sneeze blood. There are holes in the walls & ceilings left open by the plumbers hired by the condo corporation to change leaking pipes in 2009.   The same plumbers broke my shower stall, but there is a bathtub on the second floor, and a toilet and small sink on the lower floor.  The sound of rushing water in the pipes may keep you up at night. There is mould in the hardwood floor, common walls & ventilation system,.  I recommend keeping your  furniture & belongings covered in plastic and high up on blocks  - especially on the lower floor because it floods whenever it rains. There is no kitchen but  RABBA is next door and you can become their best customer - breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

See my ad on Craigslist:


If you act quickly, I will include a shop vac, mop & pail, plastic to cover your belongings, blocks to raise your furniture, ear plugs to block out the sounds of your neighbours at night, and a face mask!


  1. Sounds like something that is worth about $150K tops and even that is subject to some inspection. This post floors me. What are you trying to accomplish here?

    message me @


    1. No kidding. I thought the same + $150,000 is a generous offer.

      I wrote this post because some people tell me to just sell my unit or simply rent it out.

      Who would want to buy or rent it? You could be hit by another flood and mould remains in the walls. There is still signs of water damage around my new 2nd floor window.

      I have to be honest and disclose the history of my unit.

      Still interested?