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The Toronto Waterfront area can be a beautiful place to live. I thought all my dreams had come true when I moved in to my condominium 23 years ago. It has the most spectacular view of this city! However, I soon discovered that purchasing this property would become my biggest nightmare! I have now been homeless for 13 years!

This is a cautionary tale about what happens to a condo owner at Marina Del Rey Phase I, 2261 Lake Shore Blvd. W, who is forced to commence legal action in an effort to rebuild her home after years of continuous water flooding problems, mismanagement, neglect of duties, and bad faith displayed by insurance companies.

I have started this blog with the hope that I can provide help and encouragement to others who find themselves in a similar situation. Insurance companies and corporations have lots of money and lawyers to fight us. However, we have the power of the internet and the social media to connect, support each other, and exchange helpful information.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thank You Warren Ritchie

Shame on you CGU Insurance.  Allianz too!

Why do we buy Insurance?  Isn't it to provide financial assistance to assure reimbursement for losses sustained?

Shouldn't the Condo Corporation's insurance that I pay for monthly through my common elements fees be helping me?  Why are they fighting me and making me suffer?  Why does the insurance company instruct Del Property Management and the Board of Directors of Marina Del Rey Phase I to ignore my pleas for help to stop the flooding under the windows, close the holes in my walls and ceilings, repair the damage caused by their plumbers when they flooded my home in 2009?  
Condo torn apart, Fans Drying it out after 2009 Flood
My condo is infested with mould and completely destroyed.  I never caused any of these water leaks!  Why doesn't the insurance company representing the man who lived above me where some of water  leaks originated help me?  Their refusal to cooperate with my insurance in 2001 after two floods caused me to lose my personal insurance in September 2001.  My condo was gutted to bare concrete in 2001. When I rebuilt my condo using my own money, everything inside is considered an upgrade.  This is supposed to be covered by personal insurance - but I can't get insurance due to high risk.

It seems like the motive of insurance companies is to make me suffer, give up and drop my lawsuits... perhaps die!

I am sitting here at my basement office on a Sunday afternoon.  I wish I could be at home but the mould makes me too ill.  I have no kitchen to cook dinner. I miss being able to cook.  I am deciding between Tim Hortons or Rabba - maybe I will splurge on Pizza Pizza.  This is horrible and I have no life!

I am so upset!  I decided to call Warren Ritchie, the man who lived above me, the former Treasurer of Marina Del Rey Phase I, former member of the Board of Directors.  I have not spoken to him since 2003.  I looked him up 411 and was surprised to discover he moved to the condo complex next door.  I was surprised he answered his phone - I recognized his voice! He remembered who I am. 

I told him about my story, how I have been homeless for 11 years.   He seemed very surprised.  I told him that his insurance refused to cooperate and told me to go ahead and sue in January 2001.  I told him about the letters that I wrote to his insurance company and the phone calls I made asking for help.   Repeated floods originating from his condo destroyed my home.  My insurance was cancelled due to "high risk."  Now I can't get insurance because there is mould in my walls.  I told him that my condo was gutted to bare concrete and that MPAC inspected it and I did not have to pay property tax.  I told him that for many years I had to sleep on the floor of my basement office at work.  I was so stressed out because of the law suit and depressed because I lost my home.  I had to close my water feature design business.

Closed my business after 16 years due to Stress & Depression, Homeless 
 He logged on to his computer and saw my blog and promised to read it + all my links.  He said he was sorry!  He said he paid the deductible to his insurance company for this claim.  He was surprised that this matter has dragged on this long.  He never knew the details of this lawsuit or what was going on.  His insurance company told him that "they would take care of things."  He moved out of Marina Del Rey in 2004.  He never knew they offered me a very low settlement recently which would not cover the cost of repairing  my condo.  Mr. Ritchie did not think this was fair.  He promised to call his insurance company, CGU, and their lawyer Murray Steiber on Monday.  He said that the way they had treated me is wrong.  He assumed they had cooperated with me and helped me.

Thank you Mr. Ritchie.  All these years I thought you were against me.  I appreciate your sympathy and your hope that my condo is rebuilt and my life is given back to me.  Thank you Mr. Ritchie for having empathy for my situation and having the courage to phone your insurance company and their lawyer to tell them what they have done to me is wrong - they have acted in Bad Faith!

Now if only the other members of the Board of Directors at Marina Del Rey had the courage to do the same thing.  If I was a member of the Board, I would want to help my neighbour rebuild her life and her home. I would tell the insurance company that the way you want us to treat our neighbour is wrong.  We should be helping her! I would instruct the Property Management company to hire contractors to make repairs.  They must stop the continuous flooding, remediate the mould, and close the holes in the walls and ceilings.


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