Marina Del Rey Condominium $15 Lawsuits, Toronto

The Toronto Waterfront area can be a beautiful place to live. I thought all my dreams had come true when I moved in to my condominium 23 years ago. It has the most spectacular view of this city! However, I soon discovered that purchasing this property would become my biggest nightmare! I have now been homeless for 13 years!

This is a cautionary tale about what happens to a condo owner at Marina Del Rey Phase I, 2261 Lake Shore Blvd. W, who is forced to commence legal action in an effort to rebuild her home after years of continuous water flooding problems, mismanagement, neglect of duties, and bad faith displayed by insurance companies.

I have started this blog with the hope that I can provide help and encouragement to others who find themselves in a similar situation. Insurance companies and corporations have lots of money and lawyers to fight us. However, we have the power of the internet and the social media to connect, support each other, and exchange helpful information.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Condo Still Wrecked! Documentary of my Struggle Is Being Filmed

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all the people who have read and posted on this blog.   I now realize that I am not the only one out there suffering in the hands of insurance companies, and those in charge of matters at a condominium building who have either puposely denied me my rights or simply neglected their duties, responsibilities, and obligations. 

Their excuse is: "It's in the lawyers' hands."  This is not good enough.  I shouldn't be made to suffer because lawyers are taking their time to sort things out and it takes a long time to get to trial.  They good mitigate damages by offering me money to rebuild my unit and respond to my maintenance requests - but instead they choose to ignore my plight.

It has been some time since I have posted on here, I have been suffering through major depression and illness due to the living conditions in my condominium unit.

I am happy to report that some documentary makers will be filming my story.  Because of their interest in my case, my desire to fight back has renewed and I will start posting details of what has transpired.
My condo no longer floods from the windows.  Thanks to the help I received from By-Law Enforcement Officers from the City Of Toronto building standards department.  They served my condo corporation with Orders to hire engineers to determine the sources of leaking + replace my windows.  If the City of Toronto had not intervened, I believe my windows would still be leaking.  In February 2012, brand new windows and frames were installed in my condo during a snowstorm and completed on the last day before the deadline given to my condo corporation by The City of Toronto.  I am happy to report that my windows no longer leak.  I will post photos of  the Engineers' Findings and the Window Installation process in other posts.

The condo Board of Directors has announced we are proceeding with a major redecoration project costing approximately $2 million dollars = almost our entire reserve fund.  I, along with a number or other concerned individuals have strenuously objected to the spending of our reserve fund on a cosmetic makeover of our building.  This is simply putting icing on a crumbling old cake. I will post photos of the way our lobby and common areas look now and compare with their new decorating concept drawings.

There continue to be problems with water pipes leaking in our building.  A number of concerned residents at Marina Del Rey believe that more pipes should be replaced on Ground Floor to Floor 7 and this is not scheduled until 2018.  Floor 8 and above had risers and shut off valves replaced in 2009 because there were so many problems with flooding and the condominium corporation was spending over $60,000 in drywall repairs - what does this translate into personal insurance claims for property damage?  I know that the drywall and paint were only a minor item on past insurance claims, the main part of the claim was flooring, kitchen, personal belongings. 

Many concerned residents believe that all of the pipes should have been replaced in 2009, not just the risers in the upper half of the building.  In November 2012, I was in my unit to have the smoke detector replaced when I heard over the superintedants radio that there was another water leak in a unit above me and he had to attend to the emergency - so the riser replacement has not solved the problem.  All the copper pipes should be replaced throughout the building. We believe it does not make sense to install new carpets and wall paper in hallways BEFORE changing the water pipes which involves cutting walls and ceiling open in common areas.

Some residents continue to experience water leaks and mold problems from the windows.  Instead of replacing windows, a contractor was hired to put extra caulking around the leaking windows.  From my personal experience, this did not stop the water leaking into my unit when it rained.  Replacing the defective and substandard windows did solve my problem in 2012.

Other residents, such as myself, are suffering from poor air quality due to inadequate air circulation and second hand smoke and mould.  The engineers testing my windows witnessed the second hand smoke problem in my unit in 2011, told me to keep my fan motor on at all times, and the condo corporation was forced to close some holes in my walls.  This solved the problem until my fan motor broke in October 2012.  My ventilation motor remains broken and the condo coporation refuses to replace it.  The ventilation fan motor is our condo corporation's responsibility according to the Declaration p. 17 and 18.  I repeatedly submit requests along with the highlighted section of our Declaration to management and the Board.  I am having respiratory problems and an ongoing cough since October 2012 when my ventilation fan motor broke.  I sleep with a face mask on. I wake up coughing up phlegm, sometimes sneeze so much there is blood.

I still have no kitchen, finished bathroom.  I can't cook food or take a shower. There is mould in my walls.  I can't relax in my condo or invite friends over.  My condo remains wrecked and unihabitable 

The $15 million lawsuits remain... the saga continues!


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  2. I met Christina at the MDR ground floor elevator lobby two days after we moved in back in 2011. We had never met each other but she immediately launched into a phenomenal tirade about this wonderful place. Because of research by us and our lawyer prior to closing the deal a couple of months prior, I immediately figured out who she was, interrupted her politely and said, "I just moved in and know all about your claims. While I am sure that you have absolutely NO friends here at all I would still like to give you the oppourtunity to start this conversation over again but on a more positive note". With that I reached out my hand to shake hers, introduced myself again and she fired right up into the rhetoric about this terrible terrible place. After doing some more research, and then witnessing her embarrassingly bizarre behaviour at our Annual General Meeting I have no choice but to conclude that our neighbour is seriously in need of clinical help rather than a new window or two. Her own insurance company dumped her not because of the veracity of the claim(s) but because they likely realized she was never going to settle the claim. Ever. This claim is her life and her world revolves around it. My wife and I have owned various homes over the years, from custom-built detached homes to condos and much in between. Marina Del Rey is the only place we have ever lived where we truly feel like we never want to leave. We have even cut back on vacations because this area and the amenities here are so resort-like that there is no sense going away. The maintenance is top-notch and the financial discipline admirable. The original build quality here after 21 years outstrips new buildings nearby,with any and all repairs/improvements addressed with surprising speed. I don't know if Christina is looking for money or vindication or both but the sad truth is that she could easily have had both of those years ago but chose to carry on her senseless tirades and affect the values of every single residence here at Marina Del Rey including her own. I cannot imagine anybody wanting to do business with her in any capacity, having experienced her personally. This comment will undoubtedly be taken down but felt that something had to be said. Anybody reading this blog should do their own research about Marina Del Rey. We did. And we couldn't be happier living here...except for the occasional lunatic.

  3. Christina Sobolak9 April 2013 at 17:34

    Bully, thanks for posting on my blog again and you are invited to post all you like, I will not delete your comments. You said some extremely mean things to me in front of an audience of condo owners at the last annual general meeting. Many in the audience do feel sorry for me and have seen me struggle with 13 years of flooding and repeated destruction of my home + slipping and breaking my arm on my flooded living room floor after a rain storm! Bully, why did you gang up against me with the Board of Directors when I said that we should not be spending the entire reserve fund on redecorating? We should be replacing more leaking pipes and defective windows! The Board told me to SHUT UP! There is nothing wrong with our building! Bully, you sat in front of me and turned around to tell me that you HATE ME, I was not welcome around here + a lot of other nasty things! You almost made me cry. A lady came up to me after the meeting and said I was so brave! She said she could not believe I was able to retain my composure after that attack! She also told me not to give up and keep fighting and do what you think is right. Not everyone agrees with the way the Board wants to spend our money. Many people have been hit with a flood or have leaking windows. We should be fixing things that are failing, not spending all our money to make our condo building prettier. That's just putting ICING ON A CRUMBLING OLD CAKE!!! Who is going to want to take a bite? Bully, please read my blog before you post further. We should be learning a lesson from the leaking condo saga out in British Columbia. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if you had to go through everything I was forced to endure and the extraordinary efforts I have made to stop the leaking in my home. I think you need to do some more research and show more compassion.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    As you may know, Bountiful Films is shooting a documentary about condo living - the heartaches and the joys. We're a well-established documentary company with a reputation for balance and fairness and we'd like to talk to you about your experience.
    It sounds like Marina Del Rey is a haven for you and your family.
    Please contact me anytime.
    Your point of view is important to us.

    Yvette Brend
    Bountiful Films
    (604) 931-5225

  5. We are about to close a deal in MDR and chanced upon the blogs of Christina. This is not nice since it will scare away buyers like us and she is destroying the reputation of the place where she resides. This makes me wonder though. How come, she is the only one filing a lawsuit? Also, if she doeant like the management of MDR, why didn't she just move out?

  6. Buyer Beware. Please read the entire blog, all the posts. It is only a matter of time before others will come forward as well. It takes courage to speak out. Others may not have filed lawsuits because they have not yet lost their insurance, or had their home repeatedly destroyed, or slipped on their flooded living room floor after a rainstorm and broke their arm. THIS ALL HAPPENED TO ME! Yes, I don't agree with the way the building is managed and one way to make a change is to run for a position on the Board of Directors. When I tried to run for a position, the Board passed a new rule that no person who has started a lawsuit against the condo corporation or it's Directors is allowed to run for a position on the Board. However, if Board members are being sued, they don't have to resign and they can run for re-election!!! HOW FAIR IS THAT? Why should I move out? Why don't they fix my home and stop the leaking? How could I sell my unit for a price high enough to cover its mortgage? I must disclose to the buyer the history of flooding, mould in the walls, leaking around the windows. Better question, who would want to buy this nightmare condo? Do you want to rent it or buy it from me?

  7. Leaking windows can create moisture, water vapor, humidity, and steam between panes that can create fog. In order to prevent these things from happening it would be wise to install vapor-seal insulation or moisture trapping to the frames of the window.

  8. Thanks Lue, yes they should do that to all the windows at our building.


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  12. I don't agree with the way the building is managed and one way to make a change is to run for a position on the Board of Directors. When I tried to run for a position, the Board passed a new rule that no person who has started a lawsuit against the condo corporation or it's Directors is allowed to run for a position on the Board.

    1. Its not the management its your Board of Directors who make the decision's

  13. Board of Directors get things fixed for free the same things you have to pay for.

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